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Finding piano movers company in Akron, OH that can move a piano is difficult. At Bearded Brothers Moving Group, we are glad to offer this piano moving service. We know that pianos are fragile and expensive, but you can rest assured that we know how to take care of your piano and will move it safely to your new home.

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We understand that a piano can be someone’s most prized possession and moving a piano is no easy task. When you need piano movers to move your piano, you can trust the team at Bearded Brothers Moving Group to do it for you. A piano is not only a piece of furniture but an extremely delicate instrument that has to be handled with great care. Our employees have years of experience moving pianos and know how to do so very well. You may not think of it as such but moving a piano is an art form, it takes certain skill and expertise to do so. Technique is important in moving a piano, not just brute strength.

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The spinet piano is probably the smallest type of piano seen in people’s homes. It is about three feet tall and 58 inches in length. Even though these pianos are relatively small, they still weigh more than 300 pounds, making them no easy task to move. Another type of piano is the studio or large upright piano. This piano is about 48 inches tall and 58 inches in width. The piano can weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

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The grand piano is a not so typical piano that people have in their homes because it is so big in size. The piano is about 108 inches in length, so it is very space consuming. There are “petite” grand pianos that can weigh as little as 500 pounds. The “concert” grand piano can weigh as much as 1,300 pounds and be over nine feet across.

As professional piano movers, we know that there are different pianos out there, thus making it necessary to have the skills to move each type of different piano.

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Each one of these pianos weighs hundreds of pounds and requires professional piano mover to move them. The first step in moving these pianos is planning the route. The way must be cleared, and measurement of doors and openings must be taken to be sure that the piano will fit through them. Then you must prepare the piano. Every piano must be covered with a blanket before beginning the move, but every piano must be moved in a certain way to keep it safe, that is what Bearded Brothers Moving Group is for.

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Even though it is possible to move a piano yourself, we do not recommend it. We recommend you hire a company with the knowledge, experience, and expertise when it comes to moving a piano in Akron, OH, a company like Bearded Brothers Moving Group. We will move your piano with the utmost diligence and care even if it requires moving it up and down stairs. You can count on us.

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